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Mr. Estevez

Mr. Estevez

Hola! I’ve been born and raised in Spain where I have been working as a Guide in a Primary classroom since 2014. I have a Bachelor’s in Pedagogy from the University of Malaga and completed my AMI ‘Casa dei Bambini’ Diploma to work with children aged 2.5 - 6 years old.

My love of the Montessori philosophy motivated me to work with my trainer as her right-hand in guiding and supervising 50 future Montessori teachers for the past two summers - it’s my way of contributing to the spread of the Montessori philosophy around the world.

As an avid learner, I plan to obtain my AMI Elementary diploma in the next few years. Working with children aged 6 - 12 as an assistant in the Elementary classroom will help me understand their needs, intellectually and emotionally, as I work through my training.

As the Spanish Teacher I look forward to sharing my culture and language with the children at Mia - and I hope they share their Canadian culture with me!