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Christopher Baumunk

Christopher Baumunk

Hi there, hola, and konnichiwa! I am proud to be a part of the Mia Montessori family. I have been working in language and cultural education for 10 years, holding Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, as well as Applied Linguistics.

I have been very privileged to live and work in many different countries, including the U.S., Ecuador, and Japan. I love to work with students and communities from diverse backgrounds. Perhaps one of my most adventurous posts was a year-long administrator’s position I held at a boarding school in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

My passion for promoting global citizenship, cultural understanding, and encouraging students to find their best path to independent life-long learning lead me to Montessori. I truly believe that the experiential education that Montessori students receive is not only harmonious with cultural diversity, but will inspire academic self-efficacy and serve as a bridge to other educational approaches they are likely to encounter in their futures.

I want to work hard to continue to foster the rich Mia Montessori culture, with students, parents and the community because, as Julio Cortázar wrote in Rayuela, "Culture is the profound exercise of identity."