The Admissions Process

The admissions process is designed to help you learn as much as possible about our school, and at the same time help us become better acquainted with you and your child.

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Get to know us better

Attend our Annual Open House held in February each year, for enrolment of the upcoming school year starting year September. If the Open House has passed, give us a call or schedule a visit to come in and get to know us better. Our FAQs below are common questions from parents, however, every family is different and this is an opportunity to ask the questions that are most important to you regarding your child and their education.

submit an application

Once you’ve familiarised yourselves with our school, if you are interested in enrolling your child, submit the application form and fee ($75) by following the link below. Completion of the application form and fee does not guarantee a spot at our school, rather it demonstrates your commitment and interest in proceeding through the admissions process.

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Schedule a class observation and tour for your child

Once we have received your application and fee, we will get in touch to schedule a time for you, as parents, to come and observe the class in session. We believe that the best time to see our school in action is when classes are in session. This will give you the opportunity to see our school when it is brimming with the energy of our students and allow you to envision your child at work in a Montessori classroom.

Separately, we will also invite you to bring your child for a tour of the classroom environment. This will potentially be their home away from home for the next few years and that initial tour is an opportunity to get to know the classroom, meet the teachers and most importantly, watch their eyes light up at the sight of the Montessori materials!


After having your class observation and tour, assuming we are a fit for your family, you will be provided with a comprehensive enrolment package, that includes all of the forms required to move forward and enrol your child at Mia Montessori Academy. A deposit representing one month’s tuition in the appropriate program for your child will be required to secure a space. This deposit will be applied towards tuition for the month of June in the school year for which you have enrolled.

Returning and former students, their siblings, and those previously enrolled in other Montessori schools have priority over new admissions. An effort is made to balance the enrollment in each class according to gender and age. Families applying to have their child attend our Elementary Program (Grades 1 through 7) may be asked to come in for an assessment/interview to determine your child’s suitability for the program. Our Programs fill up quickly so applications will be placed on a wait list in order of their application dates and families will be contacted once an opening occurs.

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